Resistive Touch Technology

High accuracy of input

The technology allows to work not only with the interface developed for touch input i.e. where all symbols, icons and buttons are enlarged for a finger but also with the usual interface, e.g. Windows using a thin stylus

Responds to a finger touch, hands in glove and any non-sharp object, responds to 1 touch.

The screens work perfectly in POS systems, educational institutions, in medical sphere, when it is important that the sensor responds to various objects: gloves, a corner of the plastic card, pointers, pencils, etc.

Resistant to bright sunlight, water, dirt, grease and dust

Resistive screens are the best solution for "dirty manufacturing facilities" and aggressive industrial conditions, even if the working surface of the screen is contaminated, the sensor remains its sensitivity.
The operator can work with dirty hands, without removing protective gloves and without cleaning the screen every time it gets dusty or a little dirty. Not recommended for public use and in places with high throughput

Does not respond to electrical interference

It is least susceptible to electrical interference and various magnetic microwave radiations.

Water and condensation do not affect the working surface

Water that gets to the working surface will not disable the screen, the screen will continue to work correctly when the moisture dries or is being removed. If there’s a chance that condensate can be formed - in places with a constant temperature difference, it’s recommended to protect the electronic part (controller, connectors) of equipment