Projected-capacitive technology

High sensitivity

Sensor responds to light touch and does not require pressure

Long service life. Rugged and reliable, resistant to mechanical impact

PCAP are created based on TRIPLEX technology. Touch technology already has the protective glass, thus minor mechanical damage to the screen (scratches, scuffs) does not affect the operation of the equipment. Screens are often used in ticket machines, ATMs, information terminals, etc. They sustain heavy operating conditions in equipment of both on-board and land transports, in aviation and navigation systems.

High throughput

Can be used by a huge number of users daily. Highly recommended solution

Supports multitouch

The screen recognizes the touch of a finger and a special stylus, but will not respond to e.g. a pencil. Suitable for medical equipment management, when the operator wears thin gloves.

Supports gesture control

You can scroll, swipe, zoom and scale

Water and condensation do not affect the working surface

Water that gets to the working surface will not disable the screen, the screen will continue to work correctly when the moisture dries or is being removed. If there’s a chance that condensate can be formed - in places with a constant temperature difference, it’s recommended to protect the electronic part (controller, connectors) of equipment

Projected-capacitive screens are resistant to pollution and household chemical fluids.

The working surface of the screen is not sustainable to corrosion or oxidation. For proper operation it is enough to clean the screen with a wet wipe. Sensitive technology will continue to work, even there’s dust, rain drops, snow, dirt or insects

High transparency of the touch screen.

Touch glass minimally affects the clarity and brightness of the display image

Antivandal glass

It is difficult to break the screen without using tools and intention to do so.

Wide operating temperature range

Can be used in any season and in different climates. At low / high operating temperatures it is necessary to keep the equipment with a touch screen heated / cooled