not translated KeeTouch GmbH and colleagues from KeeTouch Ltd have presented at the Retail Digital Signage Expo (RDSE) 2018 in London new high brightness large size touch computers and POS solution.

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High Bright touchscreen monitors

The factory takes part in the RDSE for the first time and special for this occasion Keetouch Company has developed high brightness touch computers, which perfectly suit for almost any environment: digital signage, gaming industry, HORECA and industrial automation.

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High Bright advantages

The wide viewing angle was estimated by Keetouch’s co-exhibitors, which were standing behind their own stands and could properly see the presentations. Wide juicy detailed picture and high contrast of the screen fully meets the modern hardware trend.

The guests of the exhibition paid attention to a large number of inputs and other technical issues like speakers, camera, MIC. They also were interested whether it is possible to scratch the displays.

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Dual Screen Retail Contact POS

Keetouch’s second best-seller - Dual Screen Retail Contact POS. Its purpose is to facilitate and structure the working process of points of sale.

The factory and its qualified R&D team tried to foresee all applications, where such equipment can be used and demonstrated it to the guests in the exhibition:

  • 2 independent monitors
  • full-in-one card reader, receipt printer
  • fingerprint device
  • usb-hab
  • barcode scanner
  • code keyboard
  • speaker
  • MIC
  • camera
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Keep in touch

Having 20 years’ touch experience for high industrial environment gives Keeouch Company skills and knowledge to produce reliable, durable and at the same time magnificent equipment for retail sphere. And KeeTouch is proud of it.

Let’s meet at the next exhibition! Following the news.