Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

High throughput

Can be used by a number of users daily, recommended for use in high throughput areas.

High transparency

Almost does not affect the clarity and brightness of the display image

Long service life

SAW touch technology works on the surface of the panel. The glass is highly durable, minor mechanical damage to the working surface (scratches, scuffs) does not affect the operation of the touch screen.

Responds to 1 finger touch or a special stylus for SAW screens (optional 2 touches)

Typically, the software of devices for public use is designed to support one touch and involves step-by-step use.

Anti-vandal, shock-resistant, thick glass

It is difficult to break without using of tools or intention to do so.

Liquids and condensation

Moisture on the working surface will not damage the screen, when it’s dried out or removed, the screen will continue to work correctly. In places with constant fluctuations of temperature, where condensation can be easily formed, it’s recommended to protect the electronic part (controller, connectors) of the SAW screen.

A heavy contamination (dust, dirt, grease) on the screen will not cause any malfunction

To continue working with contaminated SAW screen, it is enough to clean it with a wet wipe. If strong contaminants or sticky liquids get into the dust cover, SAW marks, or transducers, please contact technical support of KeeTouch

Wide operating temperature range

It can be used in any season of the year and in different climate conditions. At low / high operating temperatures it is necessary maintain the heating / cooling of the equipment with a built-in touch screen.

The working surface of the screen is not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation.

It is possible to use it in the chemical industry. The working surface of the screen does not oxidize, does not corrode, does not react with household chemically active liquids