While researching some keyboards to build a device for a customer, we came across your site. The site is very well done, easy to use and full of information. Requesting a quotation, comparing products is very easy. Christina Goswell provided us with the information we needed, with patience and professionalism... With the hope of new projects, we will not be long to contact you.
Jonathan Pratelli | Project Engineer | Compolab
New models feature stunning design that easily attracts attention. They are impressive – resembling huge modern smartphones.
Regular customer about Keetouch GmbH Pure Flat line
Your specialist was very helpful and kind, he explained what I needed and gave me all the information. Thanks, good job!
M.B. Elettrotecnica di Massimo Borghetti
Keetouch GmbH monitors had a really good performance for our applications: We used the monitors in direct sunlight, with extreme high temperature on the field: about 40°C. They had no problem to pass the CE certifications operating from - 20 to +50°C and IP 44 certifications (with the supplied o-ring mounted). They had a great performance also for the electromagnetic disturbances: we used it near inverters and we had no problem neither for video nor for touch functioning.
Valuable client from Italy | Technical specialist comments on 17inch High Bright monitor
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your correspondence over these last few weeks. I would like to congratulate yourself your company on the your professionalism and dedication. Regardless of the outcome of this current proposal I look forward to the future of the relationship between Vojo Media and Keetouch GmbH. As we continue to expand our cliental and take on larger projects it is great to know that Keetouch GmbH can provide their expertise at a moments notice.
Vojo Media about Keetouch touch computers
Your team was very accommodating and professional... now have all the information necessary to consider them (keydoards) as an option for future use.
Jordan Lupovici | Senior Development and Project Manager | Нalowash
My feedback is fully positive, excellent products and clear and fast assistance for any problem.
AGECO Srl | Ambiente, Geotecnica, Consolidamenti – Lavori e Consulenze
The experience with Keetouch GmbH is very positive for us ...
Daniel TANASE | Manager Departament Project Management, PMP | EMI Shielding
As you can see, we are already using Keetouch products (for more than 10 years), for Americas and Asia Pacific (China, HongKong, Vietnam, Singapore)
Angelo Korelic, technical Director of Pyramid Games MX
Your team was very kind to give me a quote and an idea for a university project ... your team was very nice in providing me every information and help.
B. Rametta | University of Trento
The use of the 43” frame is very helpful for us. I’ve developed into our “reception area” an applicaton, based on a “local” website, that allows our responsible to show an interactive “price list” with possibility to explain to the customer the technical datasheet, analysis, photos etc. Then, second step, the customer will be welcomed into out tasting room for sip of the selected bottle. Technically I’ve connected a “mini computer” on the back of the frame with all the necessary “environment” for this application. This mini pc is integrated into our local network, with possibility to update the application from other locations. I hope to have other chances to use your products! My personal best regards.
Angelo Gaballo | La Scolca - Winery