Comparison of technologies


Surface Acoustic wave



Light transmission, % high high high medium
Precision high medium medium high
Multi-touch Yes Yes Yes No
Gesture Control Yes No Yes No
Response object hand, hand covered in surgical gloves, stylus touchpen hand Any object thicker than 3mm Any not sharp object
Antivandal Yes Yes Yes No
Dust\ moist\ dirt resistance Optional Optional Optional Optional
Durability, Mln of touches 160 50 35
Public application Yes Outdoor Yes Indoor, or outdoor with apron Yes Indoor, or outdoor with apron No Limited access equipment
Reaction to electromagnetic interference* Yes (electromagnetic waves) Yes (vibrations, strong noise, water, dust, electromagnetic waves) Yes (electromagnetic waves) Yes (electromagnetic waves)
*depending on the configuration of the equipment and its operating environment, please specify the reaction to interference by contacting us + 49 (0) 25 8161 04089
Protective glass overlay Yes