Payment terminals
Payment terminals
  • Enhancing sales
  • Simplified payment methods
  • Monitor transactions
  • Keep transactions secure
ATMs and kiosks
ATMs and kiosks

Keetouch touchscreen monitors can be installed into self-service terminals, info kiosks and ATMs. Even untrained customers are able to check balances or make payments on their own without any assistance. Outdoor anti-vandal touchscreens stay perfectly readable in direct sunlight and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Such screens are equipped with metal front bezel and durable glass.

Touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant and durable glass. Very high throughput performance – our screens are designed to withstand thousands of touches daily. IP65 rated monitors are dust- and water- resistant.

Self-checkout tills
Self-checkout tills

POS monitors allow self-checkout without any cashiers needed. No more queueing, simplified sales consultant work, visual showcase of the goods and quick sales statistics are among the benefits.

POS monitors installed at the sales, delivery or return areas encourage customers to input:

  • Personal Information
  • Consent to processing of personal data
  • Feedback (ex.staff performance ratings)
Rugged keyboards
Rugged keyboards

Our rugged ATM keyboards are made of stainless steel and have been successfully crash-tested for mechanical, dirt, water and fire damage.

  • Work in harsh conditions
  • Occupy the minimum of space
  • Can be used wearing gloves
  • Can be easily integrated into any equipment
  • IP 65: dust- and water- resistance
  • Work faultlessly outdoors, in manufacturing facilities and public places
  • Resistant to mechanical, chemical and physical influences