IDUSTRIAL TOUCH EQUPMENT APPLICATIONS Keetouch industrial equipment is a real time-saver that meets multiple needs:
  • Virtual anatomy clinical training table;
  • Electronic self-check in for patients;
  • Timesaving electronic health records.
VISUALLY EFFECTIVE Touch screens are widely used for various medical devices: training simulators, patient registration kiosks, electronic self-check in terminals, human resources kiosks, information screens, bedside services and alike. Virtual anatomy clinical training table provides clear and comprehensive image quality. The interface supports zooming in and out, flipping through and rotating the objects, which altogether helps organizing spectacular workshops and makes trainings effective.
INFORMATION AND NAVIGATION MANAGEMENT Electronic queue management systems, self-service terminals with one-touch access to data are real time-savers and your aid in managing flows of people. Using modern and interactive equipment is rewarding for your business: it makes your existing customers loyal through enjoyable virtual experience. Industrial monitors work perfectly as information boards and navigation systems: they attract attention, inform and help with navigation. Quick access and easy information management aid physicians in analyzing data and diagnostics. Health-care professionals can focus their attention exclusively on the patients.
HIGH SPECIFICATIONS Keetouch industrial touchscreen equipment is water-resistant which makes it easy to wipe clean and disinfect with standard cleaning equipment. Reduced glare improves visibility of image in areas of strong direct or ambient light. Dust, grease and dirt on the surface are less visible. Touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant and durable glass that is designed to withstand thousands of touches daily. Moisture, dust and minor contaminations do not affect normal functioning of the equipment. The screen responds perfectly to gloves and stylus as well as a pen. Keetouch high bright screens, for instance, are better on colour accuracy, support high brightness, high contrast and wide-angle viewing, which makes it possible to broadcast in Full HD and it feels natural and comfortable.
PERFECT CHOICE Choose the right equipment that will meet all your needs:
  • queue management, schedules and appointments management
  • improved training with virtual anatomy clinical table
  • operate a touchscreen without removing your gloves
  • quickly manage information and analyze data
  • broadcast important information, help navigate, attract attention