Museums & Exhibitions

Museums and exhibitions
Museums and exhibitions
  • Make the artwork come to life
  • Create interactive exhibits
  • Manage the queue; help navigate
  • Surprise and attract new customers
DISCOVER NEW FORMAT Let your visitors dive into the world of Art - display interactive artworks and showpieces. Keetouch infrared touch frames are designed to make any surface interactive.
  • Do not limit the sizes: touch frames can cover surfaces of any scale.
  • Be free to use any materials: touch frames works on glass, metals, wood and other surfaces. You can create a transparent touch wall or an interactive table.
  • Engage entire groups of people: Keetouch touch frames support multi-touch which makes it possible for up to 40 people to interact with the surface simultaneously.
VIRTUAL TOUCH Touch screens allow you to virtually "touch" artifacts that cannot be touched otherwise. Interactive touchscreens support zooming in and out, broadcasting images maps, creating the effect for an observer of being plunged into a virtual space. Touch screens are ideal for queue management system. Self-service touchscreen terminals can be used to buy tickets, choose excursions or leave feedbacks.
MULTIMEDIA Keetouch touchscreen monitors support gesture control for multimedia. Touch technology features intuitive and easy operation - even a child will figure out how to launch the electronic guide, surf the menu or scale the desired image. We have touchscreen models that are able to withstand thousands of touches daily, are water-, dust- and scratch- resistant. Our rugged touchscreen monitors are equipped with metal casing, so that your equipment lasts longer.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL Keetouch High Bright monitors are perfect for broadcasting important information, navigation assistance and attracting attention. It would be an ideal way to communicate over all over the place simultaneously.
  • The image is clearly visible in direct light.
  • The screen functions faultlessly at both high and low temperatures: from 0 ° С to + 60 ° С.
  • Image quality is maintained even when liquid or dust contaminates the surface.