Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Modello KM-220-NW0S001
Serie Dustproof (front panel)
Tipo del monitor Open Frame
Display characteristics
Diagonale 22”
Proporzioni 16:10
Tipo del display Active matrix TFT-LCD
Surface hardness 7H
Area attiva 473,8 × 296,1 mm
Larghezza del monitor 530,0 mm
Altezza del monitor 352,0 mm
Profondità del monitor 56,0 mm
Risoluzione 1680×1050
Colore 16,7 million
Luminosità 250 cd/m²
Angolo di visuale orizzontale Left 85° / right 85°
Angolo di visuale verticale Up 80° / down 80°
Contrasto 1000:1
Frequenza di scansione 30 – 80 KHz / 60 – 75 Hz
Video digitale entrata DVI
Analog video In VGA
Power management
Potenza assorbita External power brick
Tensione di entrata 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Tensione di entrata 12 V, 4 A
Potenza assorbita Max. 16 W
Temperatura operativa 0...+50 °C
Temperatura stoccaggio -20...+60 °C
Umidità operativa 20% – 80%
Umidità stoccaggio 10% – 90%
Additional Features
Attacco VESA 75 mm and 100 mm
Opzioni montaggio Horizontal or vertical mounting holes
Funzione del display Auto-Adjust, Phase, Clock, H/V Location, Languages, Function, Reset
Tasti AUTO, +, POWER, -, MENU

22” Open Frame KM-220-NW0S001



This Keetouch GmbH embedded monitor is the perfect choice for busy traffic indoor public environments as it can withstand thousands of touches daily having a very high throughput. The working surface of the screen does not oxidize, does not react with household chemical liquids.

Industrial monitor Keetouch 22” Open Frame KM-220-NW0S001 is designed to work faultlessly in a dirty, rough and dangerous environment and has no problem operating at an extreme temperature 0...+50°C and humidity 20...80%. The metal housing protects the monitor from shock and vibration. The robust construction lasts for years, all the elements are closely adjacent to one another.


The 4 mm thick shock-resistant glass is almost impossible to break. The operation of the equipment cannot be affected by scratches or abrasion. The front panel is water- and dust-proof. The insulating layer protects the monitor. The touchscreen panel will resume working correctly when the moisture or dust is wiped away.


LCD panel guarantees excellent brightness and fast response - less than 8 ms. TFT-LCD technology reduces the amount of flicker: prevents eye fatigue from screen time. The screens respond to a finger touch or thin gloves. Glass transparency above 92% does not lower the clarity and brightness of the display image. Therefore, the screen shows a superior color performance.


  • Time tested - for several years this open frame monitor has been a top seller solution;
  • Designed for ticket machines, terminals, ATMs - such equipment that must withstand thousands of touches daily;
  • Ideal for retail: cash registers, self-service terminals and vending machines;
  • Suitable for medical equipment;
  • Easily integrated into operator panels, crane equipment, production machinery.


  • High speed of data processing
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • High Light Transmission (HLT)
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Performs in public places
  • Easy-to-use

is designed for mounting in a device or a hardware platform and equipped with the mounting holes in monitors shell or brackets.
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