Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Modello KM-215-NHWSGF1
Serie High bright, pure flat, waterproof (front panel) IP65
Tipo del monitor Open Frame
Display characteristics
Diagonale 21,5”
Proporzioni 16:9
Tipo del display Active matrix TFT-LCD, LED
Surface hardness 7H
Area attiva 477,6 × 269,6 mm
Larghezza del monitor 535,1 mm
Altezza del monitor 327,1 mm
Profondità del monitor 67,3 mm
Risoluzione 1920×1080
Colore 16,7 million
Luminosità 1000 cd/m², 1500 cd/m² (optional)
Angolo di visuale orizzontale Left 89° / right 89°
Angolo di visuale verticale Up 89° / down 89°
Contrasto 1000:1
Frequenza di scansione 40 – 90 KHz / 50 – 75 Hz
Video digitale entrata HDMI, DVI (optional)
Analog video In VGA
Power management
Potenza assorbita External power brick
Tensione di entrata 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Tensione di entrata 12 V DC
Potenza assorbita Max. 20 W
Temperatura operativa -20...+70 °C
Temperatura stoccaggio -30...+80 °C
Umidità operativa 20% – 80%
Umidità stoccaggio 10% – 90%
Additional Features
Attacco VESA 75 mm and 100 mm
Opzioni montaggio Horizontal or vertical mounting brackets
Funzione del display Auto-adjust, Phase, Clock, H/V Location, Languages, Function, Reset
Tasti AUTO, +, POWER, -, MENU

21,5” Open Frame KM-215-NHWSGF1



Keetouch GmbH High Bright monitors enable users to see sharp, clear images even with bright industrial lights or sunlight directly on the screen. This is achieved through a combination of industry-leading LED backlight with brightness range between 1000 to 2000 cd/m², as well as anti-glare coating.

Industrial monitor Keetouch 21,5” Open Frame KM-215-NHWSGF1 is perfect for public places, both indoor and outdoor environment: public kiosks, public Information POS, digital signage, retail store windows, vehicle computers, etc.


The anti-glare coating increases contrast by enhancing light transmission rate over 95% and can effectively diminish the mirror images. The brightness of the backlight improves the color saturation and provides better uniformity for all optical characteristics and visibility in bright sunlight.


The main requirement for high bright industrial monitors is a clear image with high contrast, which does not change with strong light or direct sunlight. If a picture has high contrast ratio, you will judge it to be sharper and crisper than a picture with lower contrast ratio. Keetouch GmbH High Bright monitors have contrast ratio up to 4000:1 to maintain the quality of the image.


Keetouch GmbH High Bright monitors feature robust system that is protected with aluminum chassis and industrial metal casing which together with the rigidity of the installation provides vandal resistance. IP65 waterproof front bezel is ideal for factory wash-down environments or for outside use in challenging weather. Touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant and durable glass.


The light sensor automatically detects exterior light and increases the brightness of the display; when the light becomes stronger it reduces brightness and saves energy by up to 50%. When the backlight brightness increases, the heating problem can easily occur. However, technologies control and do not allow the monitor to overheat. Temperature issues can be handled through proper thermal management design.

Keetouch GmbH High Bright monitors have special air-cooling fans. The fans keep their panels and other internal components at the optimum working temperature which allows the screens to be in constant use and ensures a long and reliable lifespan for touch monitors.


  • High speed of data processing
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • High Light Transmission (HLT)
  • Anti-vandal
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Easy-to-use

is designed for mounting in a device or a hardware platform and equipped with the mounting holes in monitors shell or brackets.
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