Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Modello KT-150-IW0S001
Serie Waterproof (front panel) IP65
Tipo del monitor Open Frame
Display characteristics
Diagonale 15”
Proporzioni 4:3
Tipo del touch screen Infrared
Numero tocchi 2 – 40 (optional)
Oggetto di risposta Any objects greater than 3 mm
Tipo del display TFT-LCD, LED Backlight
Surface hardness 7 H
Area attiva 306 × 230 mm
Larghezza del monitor 351 mm
Altezza del monitor 275 mm
Profondità del monitor 55 mm
Risoluzione 1024×768
Colore 16,2 million
Luminosità 420 cd/m²
Angolo di visuale orizzontale Left 80° / right 80°
Angolo di visuale verticale Up 80° / down 80°
Contrasto 1000:1
Frequenza di scansione 38 – 69 KHz / 50 – 76 Hz
Video digitale entrata DVI
Analog video In VGA
Interfaccia tattile USB
Audio entrata / uscita ND
Power management
Potenza assorbita External power brick
Tensione di entrata 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Tensione di entrata 12 V, 4 A
Potenza assorbita Max. 20 W
Temperatura operativa 0...+50 °C
Temperatura stoccaggio -20...+60 °C
Umidità operativa 20% – 80%
Umidità stoccaggio 10% – 90%
Additional Features
Attacco VESA 75 mm and 100 mm
Opzioni montaggio Horizontal or vertical mounting holes
Funzione del display Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Auto-adjust, Phase, H/V Location, Languages, Reset, Clock
Tasti AUTO, +, POWER, -, MENU
Sistemi operativi compatibili Windows 7 and higher, Linux (core 3,0 and higher)
ventole per il raffreddamento dell'aria ND
Incollaggio ottico ND
Anti-glare ND

15” Open Frame KT-150-IW0S001



Industrial touch monitor Keetouch 15'' Open Frame KT-150-IW0S001 has a wide operating temperature range. It is designed to work faultlessly in a dirty, rough and dangerous environment and has no problem operating at an extreme temperature 0...+50°C and humidity 20...80%. Water and condensation do not harm the working surface: as soon as water dries the screen will resume working correctly. The metal housing protects the monitor from shock and vibration. The robust construction lasts for years, all the elements are closely adjacent to one another.


LCD panel guarantees excellent brightness and fast response - less than 10ms. TFT-LCD technology reduces the amount of flicker: prevents eye fatigue from screen time. Steel casing does not corrode and additionally protects the glass. Time-tested top sales, these monitors have been trusted by Keetouch GmbH partners for more than 15 years.


Supports 2 to 40 touch points (optional). Double-touch interface supports scaling, zooming and image rotating. Learn more on installing the touch technology software drivers for IR devices.


No pressure required: responses to a quick light touch of any object.

  • Responds to a finger touch, gloves, stylus or any object thicker than 3mm like plastic card corner, pencil or any other handy tool.
  • Perfect choice for busy traffic public environments as they can withstand thousands of touches daily having a very high throughput.


  • High speed of data processing
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Anti-vandal
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Performs in public places
  • Easy-to-use

is designed for mounting in a device or a hardware platform and equipped with the mounting holes in monitors shell or brackets.
responds to any object placed on the grid of infrared light beams. They cross each other in vertical and horizontal patterns. When any object enters the grid, the controller recognizes the exact location. It can operate from a finger (gloved), stylus or pen.
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