Informations complémentaires

Informations complémentaires

Modèle KSPCAP-0230
Touch screen Type Touch screen
Screen Features
Type de l'écran tactile Projected-capacitive
Diagonale 23"
Rapport des côtés 16:9
Zone active (LargeurxHauteur) 511,8 mm × 289,0 mm
Largeur de l'écran 545,8 mm
Hauteur de l'écran 323,0 mm
Epaisseur de l'écran 5,3 mm
Matière de l'écran Triplex glass
Surface hardness 7H
Transparence 85%
Quantité des touches supportées 10
Objet d'une réponse Finger, capacitive stylus
Heure d'une réponse 10 ms
Interface tactile  USB
Température de fonctionnement -10...+60 °C
Température lors de la conservation -20...+70 °C
Humidité de fonctionnement 40% – 70 %
Humidité lors de la conservation 40% – 70 %
Power management
Source d'alimentation
Puissance consommée
Additional Features
Système opérationnel Windows 7 and higher, Linux (core 3,0 and higher)

23" KSPCAP-0230



The main advantage of the Zero Bezel screen series - "zero" frame. The working surface is made of glass and is perfectly even with no gaps, and with the frame being flush with the touching surface. Zero Bezel screens are built for a more immersive viewing experience, providing wide viewing area as nothing blocks the clear view from the sides. Such screens are easy to mount and to clean as dust and moisture do not get trapped in the frame corners. Any minor contaminations are easily removed with a cloth.


Projected-capacitive screens are made with triplex glass. Such glass is highly durable due to its multilayer structure that reliably protects the sensor and withstands mechanical stress. The touch film is positioned in between the glass layers. Thus, the operation of the equipment cannot be affected by scratches or abrasion. If the screen does break, the glass will NOT shatter and will NOT cause injury.


Zero Bezel series projected-capacitive screens can be panel-mount into any equipment with FPC flat cable: factory equipment, medical devices, self-service terminals, information kiosks, interactive panels, etc. Such screens connect fast and easy via USB cable. Compatible with Windows 7 Premium and above, Linux 3.0 and higher. Plug and Play: projected-capacitive screens require no additional drivers, as they use the Windows HID drivers.


Projected-capacitive screens support up to 10 touch points. Touch interface allows zooming, scrolling, selecting, etc. Touch screen intuitive operation makes even the most complex equipment easy to use.


  • High speed of data processing
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • High Light Transmission (HLT)
  • Anti-vandal
  • Water-proof
  • Triplex technology
  • Performs in public places
  • Easy-to-use


  • Gaming / casino systems
  • Outdoor and indoor kiosks
  • Entertainment
  • Transport and ticketing
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Сustomized solutions

has an electrostatic field. A touch event occurs when a finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric field projected above the surface.
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