Modell KAL-F300-4B-ITM-AL
Touchscreenart Touch screen with frame
Screen Features
Touchtechnologie SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)
Bilddiagonale 30"
Bildformat 16:10
Arbeitsfläche (W×H) 640 × 400 mm
Breite des Monitors 678 mm
Höhe des Monitors 436 mm
Tiefe des Monitors 4 – 6 mm (optional)
Screen material Glass
Oberflächenhärte 7H
Helligkeit 90%
Berührungspunkte 1
Reaktionsobjekt Finger
Reaktionszeit 10 ms
Touchscreen Interface USB
Temperaturbereich: Betrieb -20...+60 °C
Temperaturbereich: Lagerung -40...+70 °C
Feuchtigkeit: Betrieb 20% – 90%
Feuchtigkeit: Lagerung 20% – 90%
Power management
Stromversorgung USB
Leistungsaufnahme Max 0,6 W
Additional Features
Betriebssystem Windows XP, Windows 7 and higher, Linux (core 3,0 and higher)

30" KAL-F300-4B-ITM-AL



Surface Acoustic Wave single-touch screens with protective frame are perfect for step-by-step use. Convenient single-touch technology prevents accidental touches:

  • While running production lines
  • While interacting with the Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • While entering a password at security checkpoints
  • While entering data through payment terminals and ATMs

Single-touch support allows working with non-adapted Windows software: no reinstallation of the software is needed for touchscreen equipment.

Optional double-touch makes gesture control possible: scroll, swipe, zoom and scale. Learn more on installing the touch technology software drivers for SAW devices.


Shock-resistant tempered glass with a 4-6 mm thickness and a 7H hardness is almost impossible to break accidentally. The touch screen is robust: scratches, abrasions and other minor damage to the working surface do not affect the operation of the sensor. The front panel is water- and dust-proof. Water or dust on the working surface will not affect the performance of the screen. The touchscreen panel will resume working correctly when the moisture is wiped or dried by itself.


SAW screens with protective frame are not only impact-resistant screen but also offer maximum glass transparency. Transparency above 92% does not lower the clarity and brightness of the display image. Therefore, the screen shows a superior color performance.

SAW touch screens are engineered to function in any climate, including extremely cold/hot weather, excessive snowfalls, rain or dust thanks to having a wide operating temperature range -10...+60°C as well as humidity range 20...95%.

These screens are the perfect choice for busy traffic indoor public environments as they can withstand thousands of touches daily having a very high throughput. The screens respond to a finger touch or thin gloves. They are easy-to-use and to install.


  • Hohe Geschwindigkeit der Datenverarbeitung
  • Haltbarkeit
  • Funktionsfähigkeit
  • Vandalensicher
  • Wasserdicht
  • Einfach zu benutzen


  • Glücksspielgeschäft/Casinos
  • Kioske im Außen- und Innenbereich
  • Unterhaltungssphere
  • Transportindustrie
  • Hotelgeschäft
  • Bankensektor
  • Kundenspezifische Lösungen

works by using ultrasonic waves to detect touch events. When the panel is touched, a portion of the wave is absorbed. Keetouch is the second worldwide company that uses evaporation method for making marks on touch screens.
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