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KeeTouch embedded high bright monitor is a perfect solution for your project.

Touch monitor KeeTouch 8” Open Frame KOT-0080U-CA4PH is designed specifically for easy integration in various types of equipment. It has a long-lasting operation.

The monitor has several options for mounting. A solid framework and durable glass serve as a protection for the LCD screen from mechanical impact. The front panel of the monitor is protected from dust contamination. Projected-capacitive multi-touch panel has high accuracy, supports multi-touch option and perfectly suits for public places, both indoor and outdoor environment. Multi-touch panel accepts input by a finger or a special stylus.


  • High speed of data processing
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • High Light Transmission (HLT)
  • Anti-vandal
  • Dust-proof
  • Performs in public places
  • Easy-to-use


  • Gaming / casino systems
  • Outdoor and indoor kiosks
  • Entertainment
  • Transport and ticketing
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Сustomized solutions

is designed for mounting in a device or a hardware platform and equipped with the mounting holes in monitors shell or brackets.
has an electrostatic field. A touch event occurs when a finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric field projected above the surface.

high bright touch monitor
8” Open Frame KOT-0080U-CA4PH

size display 8"

monitor type Open Frame

touch screen type PCAP (projected-capacitive)

touch points 10 points

series high bright

resolution 1024×768 (4:3)
brightness up to 2000 cd/m²

Additional Information

Additional Information

Modell KOT-0080U-CA4PH
Serie High bright, Anti-glare. Dust-proof front panel (water-proof optional)
Monitortyp Open Frame
Display characteristics
Bilddiagonale 8”
Bildformat 4:3
Touchtechnologie PCAP (projected-capacitive)
Berührungspunkte 10
Reaktionsobjekt Finger, capacitive stylus
Display-Typ TFT-LCD LED
Arbeitsfläche (W×H) 163 × 122.5 mm
Auflösung 1024×768
Farben 16.2 million
Helligkeit up to 2000 cd/m²
Horizontaler Blickwinkel Left 89° / right 89°
Vertikaler Blickwinkel Up 89° / down 89°
Kontrastverhältnis 1000:1
Frequenz (H / V) 30 – 80 KHz / 60 – 75 Hz
Digital Videoeingang HDMI, DVI (optional)
Analog Videoausgang VGA
Touchscreen Interface USB
Power management
Stromversorgung External power brick
Eingangsspannung 12 V, 3.3 A
Leistungsaufnahme Max. 13 W
Temperaturbereich: Betrieb -15...+50 °C
Temperaturbereich: Lagerung -20...+60 °C
Feuchtigkeit: Betrieb 20% – 80%
Feuchtigkeit: Lagerung 10% – 90%
Additional Features
VESA 75 mm
Montageoptionen Mounting holes
OSD Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Auto-adjust, Phase, H/V Location, Languages, Reset, Clock
Tasten AUTO, +, POWER, -, MENU
Betriebssystem Windows 7 and higher, Linux (core 3.0 and higher)
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